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A helping hand in generating leads for a company is what business owners and executives need to allow them to do more important tasks and focus their attention on other aspects of growing their business.

Fortunately for them, finding a lead generation agency that could lend them that helping hand is not as difficult today as it was decades ago.

Companies that want to grow need to put in more effort in generating leads—any person who, as one marketing software developer defined, “takes interest in their product or service in any way, shape or form.”

Lead generation is not just about getting to know potential customers. It also involves warming up to them by introducing the brand and engaging them in various ways so they would eventually make a purchase.

Needless to say, businesses need to attract potential customers: get them to be naturally interested in the identity of the company and, most important, to the products and/or services; engage them enough so that they would want to hear from the company again.

And there are countless ways for any business to attract and engage potential customers. They may write online content on blogs or social media, run ads, send emails, make calls, or put out a survey—anything that could guide them to the company’s offers.

In many cases, however, handling the enormous task of attracting and converting strangers into prospect customers entails human resources that not many companies can afford—and resorting to outsourced lead generation is more cost-effective.

Locally there are B2B (business-to-business) lead generation companies that offer comprehensive lead generation services fit for various industry needs.

Following are some of the top agencies any company may tap if and when they resort to outsourced lead generation in the Philippines:



Online lead generation is included in the array of digital marketing services offered by OBPO, which is engaged in various outsourcing services such as call center solutions, search engine marketing, and website design and development.

This Cebu City-based agency takes pride in their outsourcing services, which include lead generation, as it believes these “reduce costs” and gives companies “more time to focus on business goals.”


iSpeak Solutions

Another B2B lead generation company in the Philippines is iSpeak Solutions, which assures to provide a “fully customized experience” to their clients. They promise to provide skilled professionals that could study and fully tailor the leads to the business they are catering to in every lead generation campaign that they do.

Located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, the company acknowledges lead generation as an important level in the sales funnel. They provide outsourced lead generation services to not only startup and small businesses but to Fortune 500 companies as well.



If you are a company looking to constantly get inquiries from customers and use tools that will enable your sales team to efficiently manage your sales leads, Leadfunnel.ph might be the right lead generation agency for you.

In fact, Leadfunnel.ph is a solution from Advenient Corporation, a company based in the University of the Philippines DOST TBI in Cebu City but with key personnel in Metro Manila. It has varied experiences with the Fortune 500 companies Procter and Gamble and Hewlett-Packard, and top-ranks in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.


Magellan Solutions

Want to generate optimum ROI (return on investment) with a cost-efficient service? Gather prequalified leads ready to convert into sales? These are just some of the things that Magellan Solutions promises to deliver for companies that would hire them for outsourced lead generation in the Philippines.

Aside from these, this company based in Mandaluyong City also promises to provide real-time reporting on the status of every single lead as part of lead quality control and implementation. They present as their unique value as a lead generation agency their (1) team of competent agents, (2) quality assurance measures, and (3) real-time reporting.


CoffeeBot Solutions

As a lead generation agency, the service of CoffeeBot Solutions primarily hinges on two things: high-quality contacts list and gearing toward sales conversion. They specialize in reaching leads via email marketing, which they claim could make almost half of those reached make at least one purchase within a year.

The company, based in Davao City, believes that a customized lead generation strategy to produce active contacts is vital to an effective marketing campaign. They claim to have an effective process in getting to know and reaching any company’s target market.


All these B2B lead generation companies in the Philippines can provide you with reliable, data-driven service that could inform your marketing strategies and is highly beneficial to growing your client base and, eventually, your business.

Aside from researching data on your target market—their needs, their wants, their preferences, their contact information, among others—these companies are equipped with technologies that will make reaching these prospect customers easier and could professionally whip up strategies on how to use these data to convert them into buyers of your products and services.


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