Appointment Setting Services

OBPOs top-notch appointment setting services will place your business on center stage through a one-of-a-kind opportunity for your team to meet up close and personal with your prospects’ key decision-makers, so your team could deliver the perfect business pitch to the right persons.

Our expert appointment setters will make sure that you only get meet-ups with prospects whose business needs are a direct match to your interest and capabilities

 We do all of our appointment setting services through a stringent process of strategic planning, which includes market-scans, and script and talent development; data gathering, qualification, verification, validation, and management, with long-term monitoring; systematic, coordinated, and accurate scheduling; and even an after-meet-up prospect feedback system and prospect warming.

This series of processes should afford you reduced expenses, and a higher conversion rate and a lower churn rate, thereby a dramatic increase in profit and a faster return of investment.

reducing cost

Reduce Costs

increasing conversion rate

Increase Conversion Rates

OBPO’s expert appointment setters will get you covered, so you get more benefits for less money and effort. With our experts, you could focus more on more pressing business matters.

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