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TOP 3 Reasons to Choose Managed Services


Having OBPO Managed Services Inc. as your Number 1 offshore outsourcing partner saves you 86% on all of your costs compared to onshore and nearshore outsourcing


With 24/7 support, we make sure that your team brings in results and works passionately and exclusively for your progress.


OBPO is located within its own compound equipped with cutting-edge facilities, highspeed network, and conducive workspaces to ensure quality management and performance. 

Surviving and Growing during the Covid-19 Pandemic

OBPO Managed Services was one of those who were greatly affected by the pandemic in the Philippines.

With how badly the political and economic state the country was in, we decided to change how we viewed the situation. Rather than dwelling on the magnitude of the pandemic, we shifted our mindset and took it as a challenge to survive and grow simultaneously.

Watch the short documentary about how we were able to turn things around, thank the people who were with us, and in the process, find a new meaning to outsourcing and its contribution to society.  

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What our Clients say about us:

bluewhale research outstanding award plaque

“Partnering with OBPO has been a great experience and one of the better decisions we’ve made. We view our team at OBPO as an extension of our US team and a part of our family. I would highly recommend OBPO.”

Tony Mandarano | CEO and Founder, ZampleBox

“Outbounders, is an integral part of our organization’s progress and process. Their professionalism is top-notch, and their willingness to assist in whatever way is unparalleled”

Tamra Jones | General Counsel – GAR Disability Advocates

“I appreciate your company’s professionalism! Everyone at your call center has been a class act..I wish the other companies I have been dealing with had your degree of follow-through and professionalism”

Mark Loftis | CEO – LJM Health Group

“Your company’s business proposal looks quite professional and includes everything I need in a BPO Service. I would like to work with you to build up to a strong LAUNCH!”

Mark Large | Managing Director – GO Property Maintenance

“Thank you very much! We are happy that your center can answer all our outsourcing requirements and we will be glad to sign the contract!”

Gabi Hamilton | Operations – Spetz

“Thank you for the plan and proposal – very detailed and IMPRESSIVE!”

Betty Ho | President -Sunjoy Group

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