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Having OBPO Managed Services Inc. as your Number 1 offshore outsourcing partner saves you 86% on all of your costs compared to onshore and nearshore outsourcing


With 24/7 support, we make sure that your team brings in results and works passionately and exclusively for your progress.


OBPO is located within its own compound equipped with cutting-edge facilities, highspeed network, and conducive workspaces to ensure quality management and performance. 

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What our Clients say about us:

bluewhale research outstanding award plaque

“Partnering with OBPO has been a great experience and one of the better decisions we’ve made. We view our team at OBPO as an extension of our US team and a part of our family. I would highly recommend OBPO.”

Tony Mandarano | CEO and Founder, ZampleBox

“Outbounders, is an integral part of our organization’s progress and process. Their professionalism is top-notch, and their willingness to assist in whatever way is unparalleled”

Tamra Jones | General Counsel – GAR Disability Advocates

“I appreciate your company’s professionalism! Everyone at your call center has been a class act..I wish the other companies I have been dealing with had your degree of follow-through and professionalism”

Mark Loftis | CEO – LJM Health Group

“Your company’s business proposal looks quite professional and includes everything I need in a BPO Service. I would like to work with you to build up to a strong LAUNCH!”

Mark Large | Managing Director – GO Property Maintenance

“Thank you very much! We are happy that your center can answer all our outsourcing requirements and we will be glad to sign the contract!”

Gabi Hamilton | Operations – Spetz

“Thank you for the plan and proposal – very detailed and IMPRESSIVE!”

Betty Ho | President -Sunjoy Group

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