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Collection Reminders

Connecting all your collection needs

Authoritative yet Customer-Centric Solutions

With our ultimate goal to make collection reminders a positive experience as possible, we’ve partnered with our highly trained collection professional so we can strengthen your company’s reputation.

Our confident, aggressive and proactive yet customer-centric solution will get your customers’ accounts get updated on time thereby narrowing your case-list, helping you maintain a lasting, working and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers — consequently helping you create a healthier bottom-line and induce a positive return for the business.

Our Collection Reminders team ensures that our processes have the right certifications and always adhere to the guidelines of the law when it comes to collection practices.

OBPO’s collection reminder service is tailored-fit to your industry  and the best value solutions for your business. Avoid the grimmer route of debt collection and materials recovery; prevent missed payments and data breach with OBPO. 

Our hiring process does not end with finding the right people for you. Our on-site management and training system guarantees constant growth — not just on on our talents but on our current management strategy and overall process. 

Trusting OBPO when it comes to your collection reminders solutions is not a leap of faith but a careful and measurable decision that produces results.

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