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Competent Facilities

The OBPO Complex which is located in Iloilo City has been specifically designed and built with workplace productivity and better work experience in mind. We’ve listed down possible issues for our employees and proactively set structures to counteract those performance-inhibiting factors.

High-End Systems

OBPO procures higher than the minimum standard of computer and network-related specifications in the industry to ensure that we are not losing time on frequent troubleshooting. We’ve hired expert I.T. support executives to deliberate on the acquisition of our equipment.

Maximum Connectivity

Our offices are located in three major cities of the Philippines which are all information technology centers and special economic zones of the country. High-speed and stable internet is widely available and we’ve secured more than one internet service provider to achieve a 0% downtime. We also have back-up generators so we can continue serving our clients even during a blackout.

Conducive Working Environment

Employees get more efficient the longer they stay working for you. They make for a higher return of investment in the long run. We don’t want your team to leave because of a bad workplace so we make sure to ramp up our employee retention rate by providing them a dynamic office that promotes collaboration, comfort, and efficiency. OBPO have invested in ergonomic furniture, employee lounges, events, and spaces for healthy activities.