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Order Taking Services

Order Taking

As brick-and-mortar retail companies finding a niche in multi-channel advertising, the exponential growth of customers’ orders has been observed.

With a great majority of customers normally would want to verify information, confirm specifics, and have sales validated by a live person, OBPO understands how instrumental it is to capitalize on phone order taking, with multi-channel support.

Our team is continually updated on the latest trends and techniques to convert each call into a sale.

OBPO sees customer convenience as the key. Our team of highly responsive, polite, and experienced order-taking professionals will address customers’ reason for calling and converting each call into a sale, letting none as much as possible go the drain.

OBPO is PCI-DSS compliant. Our expert order takers conform to the process to the highest level and employ only industry-best practices. Monitoring, verification, and validation establish accurate pricing and observance of proper and complete disclosures, thus minimizing churn rate.

Multiply your sales force in a shortened time and in the most cost-effective means!