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A marketing strategy that practices consistent and multi-dimensional product experience for the customers is called Integrated Marketing Strategy, which also means consistent messaging across all platforms.

This kind of marketing strategy helps an e-commerce brand to build consistency across all platforms or channels and encourage customers to engage with the brand.

To implement this strategy, one must build a clear roadmap for marketing communications. When running social media campaigns and emails, you need to meet with the marketing team to build a strong branding strategy on how to get a consistent message across the board.

You can link your social media channels in your emails so that people can immediately reach you whenever they’re ready. Or, you can use a Scan a QR code mechanism that will take people to a page where they can fill out forms to start receiving newsletters.


Advocacy Community Programs

This could be the most effective integrated strategy that big companies like Microsoft, Intel, Walmart, etc. do. They invite their best customers and give them a platform that allows them to participate in their company website. Without requiring monetary inducements, this community of individuals shares their real-life expertise for free. These campaigns are also practices on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

This interaction is an ongoing campaign that will grow together as the company expands. When the company evolves, this community will enjoy incentives to invite new participants, giveaways, contests, and customer-focused activities.


The GoPro Approach

GoPro’s campaign was to maximize user-generated content, which is made by their product, a GoPro camera. The campaigns featured sports enthusiasts to attract people who might want to share their adventures. GoPro, after using the user-generated content approach, it then used sponsorship and outdoor ads to boost their campaigns.

The GoPro Approach was a great example of audience engagement and giving loyal fans their credit while receiving genuine content for marketing purposes.


Emirates’ Integrated Marketing Campaign

Emirates Airlines had its humble beginnings to share. The airline started in 1985 leasing only 2 aircraft and currently operates 265 aircraft to more than 150 destinations. Here are Emirates’ Integrated Marketing Campaigns:


Traditional Media

 Airline’s new products, aircraft, and routes are highlighted in major media commercials and print advertisements.



Sports events like horse racing, tennis, and soccer, Emirates actively sponsors. The airline has just signed a sponsorship deal with Arsenal – a large football club. The middle eastern airline improved its visibility across Asia through is presence in the Asian Football Confederation.


Owned Media

 Emirates publicizes its latest offers and services to its customers by publishing two in-flight magazines.


Gen-Z Appeal

Reducing air pollution and protecting natural resources, Emirates is giving back through a sustainable environment strategy. Ensuring that they remain up-to-date with the most fuel-efficient aircraft.

An integrated marketing plan can be tweaked depending on the audience and situation. As the years go by, marketing strategy has developed too and companies need to stay creative. In summary, Integrated marketing requires full coordination of marketing ideas from inside and outside departments of a company. Marketing, business development to the sales sector all should work together toward the brand’s values and objectives.

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