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Every e-commerce business manages some customer retention process to invite more customers and expand customers either by size or by improving repeat purchases. Keep in mind that customer retention is a result of customer satisfaction.

Customer retention strategies focus on two primary methods: To keep customers satisfied before a competitor product takes them from you, and second is to turn unsatisfied customers into satisfied customers before they move to a competitor product. For customer retention programs to be effective, a business has to keep these programs a part of their daily routines.

You can do several things to implement a customer retention strategy, but the most effective method is by giving your market excellent customer service. Here are customer retention programs an e-commerce business can follow immediately:


Customer Follow Up Programs

Giving your existing customers care and attention is not only cheaper than spending your time inviting new customers; it will also make you more money in the long run. This is one reason why customer retention programs should implement a customer follow-up program.


Email Newsletters and Give Generous Offers

When a customer shares their email address with you, it’s a sign that they already feel satisfied with your brand or with your service, and this can be your cue to build relationships with them. You can maximize this and keep them on your site by being a regular presence in their inbox. Fortunately, email is a free channel; it’s absolutely a low-cost way to improve customer retention.  Make sure that you don’t just send them bot messages or else that would look a lot like spam. Try a discount code or a message that lets them know they’ve been shopping with you for a year or thank them for doing business with you.


Follow Up Customers That Haven’t Bought From You For A While

When a customer returns, they are probably purchasing again in the future. When they come back for the second and the third time around, the percentage increases outstandingly. When a customer buys from you for the third time, there is a higher chance of them buying over and over again or even inviting other potential customers to buy from you.

Unfortunately, customers don’t come back on their own. Often times, they have to be reminded why they need your services. You can increase your revenue remarkably by following up on those customers that have not been purchasing from you for a while now.

Win Back Lost Customers

When you try to win back lost customers, you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes. The customer is already lost; you’ve got nothing to lose. Old customers are far better prospects than making random leads because they already know your company and your brand. You don’t have to spend that much time advertising your product to them. Today’s technology can help you keep track of what people thought when they used your product for the first time. With this information, you can determine which customers to approach and to create ideas or offers to bring them back to you.

Retaining your customers doesn’t come down to just being likable or having talent. Being likable and having the perfect advertising strategy isn’t enough to retain your customers. Customer retention requires hard work, understanding, and the right programs to use. By implementing these customer retention programs on a day to day basis, your business can focus on reaching out and connecting with your customers. These programs will allow you to create long-lasting relationships in the long run.