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Businesses consider time as the prominent facet of progress. A company will lose more if they do not maximize the time they have in hand. When taking an order over the phone, most often than not, customers reach out to you unguarded and on a tight schedule. A salesperson will likely tell you that this point is a critical one – keep in mind that if you say anything that will make them nervous, you could lose the chance of selling your product.

In brick-and-mortar stores, the long waiting line in the cashier section can be frustrating. Imagine that the amount of time a customer spends falling in line could take hundreds and even thousands of revenues. Moreover, a staff member’s slow going can make it difficult for businesses to get the return on investment (ROI) in their targeted time.

Regardless of the digital era’s innovation, customers’ satisfaction will always be the blood that ties your operations together. Without a team handling order taking servicesyou may lose a fraction of potential sales.


What is an Order Taking Service?

Order taking service is catered by an answering service where live agents handle the order taking process. The service covers answering questions, taking orders, giving out information, and providing support. Order taking services has first-rate advantages that are difficult to reproduce on other communication channels.

The following points below are the ways how organizations are using order taking services to increase sales.


Scalable Sales Team

Building a strong sales team is quite challenging and costly. For some companies that are new in the industry, hiring new sales staff is not an option. For cases such as that, an order taking service is a lot more viable. It can resolve the issue by delegating the task to live agents prepared to support your sales efforts. The service translates the burden related to maintaining sales personnel. As soon as customers call, they will receive assistance from a professional live person. For a company to deliver the best experience to its customers, an answering device must be available. You can undoubtedly provide an excellent experience if there is enough time to implement training for the agents.


24/7 Sales Team

Your sales can increase even when you return home for the day. One ultimate purpose for reinforcing order taking services is to capture every sales opportunity. Making your company available 24/7 will give your customers access whenever they prefer, and this can make your customers rely on you. Let’s say that your traffic isn’t at a level that needs around-the-clock support yet; some organizations can only perform during the day and forward calls when they leave the office.

Since some companies are not open 24/7 and on holidays or weekends, ensure that the service provider is flexible when you need them. Keep an eye on companies that charge you for extra on weekends and holidays.


Quick and Accurate Replies 

Providing your customers accurate replies is a leading contributor to a positive experience. A professional order taking service will tap into every aspect of your product or service. When a new client’s account is in the process of building, the answering services must make time to communicate the procedure and the overall services. This knowledge that the agents recognize gives them vital information without the need to depend on a script. Conversations with customers must be accommodating and natural.

Ensure that you ask the right questions about the account setup process and prepare all the details you have to provide. Most significantly, evaluate the setup process to other service providers.


High Degree of Engagement

Creating an excellent customer experience is crucial for businesses. Reaching out to a live person creates an opportunity to build a high degree of engagement. One must remember that sales calls can be aggressive, which drives customers to raise questions and concerns. A live person can aid customers through the process; the high degree of engagement can increase sales conversions and reduce abandonment rates.

Consider that there are situations where calls are linked to the answering service to your company. Authenticate the situation handed to you versus being handled by the answering service.


Consistent Support

Typically, the customer tends to have more additional questions and ask for product support when purchasing. It is not unusual for answering services to hand post-sales support as they are already familiar with the product. Hiring an answering service comes with a sales team and a support team. This can be a free setup that only requires you to supply details of a specific product or service.

Above everything else, make sure that the answering service harnesses your account over time. Will the answering service provide you more opportunities and ideas that can help you deliver better service and, at the same time, save you money?



If you are ready to hire an inbound call center order taking service, always ask questions, verify industry experience, and avoid unnecessary contracts. The primary goal of every business, small and large alike, is to increase sales. Whether you run a start-up e-commerce business or work for a well-established enterprise, boosting sales can look a little like bowling a strike – it seems easier than it actually is.


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