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Loan Services

Loan Services

We offer outsourcing loan solutions, as part of its expanding banking and financial portfolio, to retail and commercial banks, credit card companies, individual and corporate investors, brokerage and mortgage firms, insurance companies, credit unions, and savings and loan associations.

Our solutions serve to catalyze the growth of our clients’ business, all the while ensuring the least of business risk on every transaction.

Our custom-fit strategic tools ensure prompt and fast delivery of these financial entities’ services to their clientele in a superb customer-centric fashion

We can offer support to our clients for every part of the loan cycle, from prospecting to pre-qualification, actual loan processing to loan terms underwriting, from disbursement and to repayment, and even soft and hard collections.

Apart from our fast, efficient and safe and secure loan solutions, OBPO guarantees non-competition with our client as we have no lending venture of our own in whatever form.

Speed up the lending process of your company. Grow your business with us.