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The State of the Call Center Companies in the Philippines After Covid-19

Call Center Companies had a hard time with the Covid-19 pandemic and 3 years have passed since the World Health Organization persuaded all the countries to participate in curbing the effects of the virus on human health. The pandemic has resulted in a massive economic downfall due to hiring freeze and temporary layoffs. After Covid vaccines were developed and the world started to further understand the nature of the disease, restrictions were dropped. However, the damage to the global economy of the pandemic and the political turmoil between Russia and the West have put its growth to slow down.

The Philippines is not exempted from its effects. In the list of Top 50 Digital Nations, the Philippines ranked 6th in 2020 but it fell down to 18th in 2021. It fell 13 spots because its score for workforce population slumped by 95% to 0.04%. This is due to community quarantines, massive layoffs, and the failure of its institutions to create available talent poo that can be skilled to serve cross industries in the country.

This 2023, choosing the top 10 Call Center Companies for SMEs now lie in a whole different criterion of not just in quality service but more importantly, its ability to survive difficult economic and worldwide struggles. The best call center company is the one that’s financially bulletproof. A company that can continue on serving while constantly growing its value to its client.


1.) OBPO Managed Services

OBPO is a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines that serves its clients across the globe from Canada, and the USA to the UK and Australia. It specializes in outbound telemarketing and inbound customer service for SMEs. OBPO focuses on a core value that is a customer-centered approach. Its three overarching principles are maintaining its status as a BPO that provides its clients with cost savings, dedicated and quality 24/7 support, and complete and competent facilities for their projects.

With over 300 employees, OBPO is able to maintain its growth even during the pandemic through outstanding management and leadership. The company boasts its own complex with several buildings and a coffee shop that were all built when the economic state of the world was not favorable for every business. Additionally, is also one of the call centers that genuinely care for its employees through its health and wellness programs when covid-19 positive cases were at their highest. Click here to check out the journey of OBPO.


2.) Global Sky

Global Sky is another call center company in the Philippines that focuses on outbound, inbound, and back-office support. It has been in operation for almost 2 decades. A success story of its founder, James Rick Stinson, started the outsourcing company from his garage back in the early 2000s. Now, Global Sky soars to business success through its wide connection of clients in the USA.

The company is one of the call centers in the Philippines that offers the best quality calls in inbound customer service. According to its CEO, they empower their staff and agents with an environment of healthy competition, development, and a sense of shared values.


3.) Everise

Everise is a call center company that delivers over 500,000 daily experiences in 20 languages all over the world. It is an award-winning global experience company that has 13 centers operating globally. Offering a robust work-at-home program delivering omnichannel experiences for its client’s customers. They improve their client’s customer service through excellent conversational techniques.



Magellan Solutions is a BPO solutions provider and a leading inbound call center in the Philippine. The call center company is offering a comprehensive suite of outbound lead generation, outsourced voice-enabled customer care call center services, back-office, and data processing solutions around the world. Magellan Solutions has 1000 capable seats in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.



Piton Global is an industry-leading, back-office outsourcing provider. It’s an award-winning call center company in the Philippines. Piton Global has been partnering with the world’s innovative brands and delivering excellent outsourcing solutions. PITON GLOBAL has grown as a company that helps enterprises acquire high growth and keeping their best customers.


6.) Open Access BPO

Open Access BPO offers competitive support in more than 30 languages including Mandarin. With its four campuses across Asia, Open Access BPO provides a broad range of outsourcing solutions including customer experience, back-office services, and content management. Furthermore, the company features a sevice that improves the customer experience of customers.


7.) Inspiro

Building a network of more than 32,000 people across 51 stations worldwide, Inspiro had spent 15 years as a pioneering leader in global outsourcing. This call center company located in the Philippines delivers end-to-end, multilingual, and customer experience solutions to the world’s leading brands. They enable clients to exceed metrics and surpass overall satisfaction. In fact, Inspiro is owned by Relia, a member of Japan’s Mitsui Group.


8.) CyberOne

A leading business process outsourcing company in Manila, CyberOne is a low-cost call center company that offers competitive pricing. It has a 300-seat capacity and is continuing its expansion. Also, the company provides cybersecurity at all levels, giving its clients the “future proof” by helping optimize processes and infrastructure development. CyberOne is founded in 2015, headquartered in San Francisco, Bay Area.


9.) Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd.

This is one of the call center companies that offers attractive benefits and wage rates. Deutsche Knowledge Services also provides its employees with excellent training that enables them to grow and improve their skills and discipline. The company provides their clients management consultancy activities. The company operates as a subsidiary of Deutsche Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd and their office is located in Taguig, Metro Manila.


10.) Optum (United Health Group)

Optum call center company belongs to the family businesses of the UnitedHealth Group. It serves a whole health system across 150 countries. Optum makes it one of the leading companies not just in the Philippines but across the globe. It combines cutting-edge technology to the world’s largest healthcare database.  with the broad expertise of improving health care delivery, efficiency, and quality. Optum serves health care facilities, 127 million individual consumers, and 100,000 physicians.

Call Center outsourcing becomes a worthwhile investment when the call center company is efficient and capable of delivering quality customer service. Identifying problems quickly and systematically; establishing valid and reliable service performance measures and measuring customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes are some important measures every call center company in the Philippines can surely offer.

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