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Every good relationship begins with good communication. When customers connect with you, it is safe to assume that they are looking for a quick answer. Perhaps they may be seeking more reason to trust your company too. But do you care about your customers as individuals? How much do you value them? As technology develops order taking services, the human touch starts to get lost in the process. For this reason, establishing a strong connection with your customers is the primary step toward humanizing every interaction and winning your customer’s trust.

An excellent order taking services for your customers is critical to your company’s success. Otherwise, customers will switch lanes and move on to your competitors instead. If that happens, your sales might decrease and your backroom operations might suffer. Think about the resources and time you can save just by creating a convenient order taking services guideline. You have to ensure that you make the best procedure that will assist your business’s smooth running and keep your customers fulfilled at the same time.

Here are a few tips to include in your order taking services guideline:


Train Your Team to Be Experts

There is nothing more humiliating than a customer explaining how to make a sale to your agent. Make it a necessity to check if your team knows the system inside and out before launching a multichannel ordering business. If you fail to do so, your untrained team might drive your customers away because you do not have an adept personnel to keep your customers happy.


Create a Standard Order-Taking Form

Using the only form of order taking can be an efficient tool to eliminate any confusion your customers have. A standard outline should be available whether a customer fills a form on your website or a customer service agent takes the order over the phone. This way, when customers fill out a form, they will know what information is needed and collected. Some details may depend on the item, such as options to choose sizes, colors, palettes, etc. Secure to include the relevant specifics so that shoppers will be looking on the same page.


Keep Your Customers Informed

Often in order taking, agents may need to pause the conversation to seek information. When the situation requires a brief interval, the agent must inform the shoppers of the waiting time. If the call center agent is still on the line and is working on a task, they may continue to talk with the customer to explain what they are doing. This is to reassure customers that they are not getting cut or nobody is hanging up the call.


Let the Customer Speak

Give your customer the time to break down the problem. The agent on the line must listen to the issue without interrupting before giving customers any solutions. The agent should not make the customer feel rushed when asking for assistance and should feel welcome to ask any questions at any time. As soon as the customer has explained the concern, the agent must summarize the problem and confirm that it is understood correctly. Then, the agent may offer a solution.


Verify the Order to the Customer

Verifying an order concludes the order taking and acknowledging that the order forms are received and currently in the process. You may send your customers an email that includes your contact information and the order details. Offer and mention that the customer can contact you if any problem arises.


Inform the Customer About the Order Status

As we all know, good communication is critical throughout the purchasing process. Inform your customers of the status of their orders. Let them know if there are problems or delays immediately instead of keeping your customers on hold. Once their purchase is shipped, provide them the applicable details such as carrier, tracking numbers, and delivery date.


Ask for Customer Feedback

Ask your customers if they have additional questions at the end of the conversation. Be sure to show gratitude after the problem is resolved or the purchase is made. While you’re at it, thank them too for being loyal to your brand. Often, this is an ideal time to send a survey to your customer. Before giving one, ask them if they are willing to respond to a survey first. If they say yes, send it on the contact channel. If a customer is pleased with the service, they will give you valuable feedback, letting you know if your services are exceptional and doing right by them.

Having a customer service call after a purchase is another way of letting customers know that you value what they have to say, thereby increasing the chances of doing business with them again. Excellent communication with a personal touch can empower your customers. When they learn to trust your brand, your customers will support you in the long run.



Take the time to improve your order taking services system to optimize the operations in the backroom and for your customers. Through this, your shopper’s experience will be smooth sailing, making them remain loyal and satisfied. Having an available contact center is a crucial factor for the company regardless of its industry. Several communication channels must be available for customers to freely address their problems regarding your brand, products, and services.


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