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Outsourcing your e-commerce customer service is an essential step for businesses to rise to a higher scalability level. Companies worldwide are eyeing offshore customer support services in the Philippines because of agents with a high English proficiency level and an in-depth understanding of Western culture. Furthermore, Filipinos are regarded to provide quality service and excellent work ethic.

Hiring the right e-commerce customer support outsourcing company will serve as an extension of your local team that will aid your goals and your customers all the way from transactions, purchase, and warranty support. Providing a remarkable customer experience will keep your customers satisfied, leaving your reputation with good remarks.

The following is a list of considerations in hiring the right e-commerce customer support outsourcing company in the Philippines:


Why Outsource Customer Service Roles

Outsourcing allows startups and mid-size companies to have a dedicated customer service team to solve their customer’s orders and concerns 24/7. It may depend on the industry in which they can operate; most companies require chat, calls, email, and instant messaging support. A collaboration with an outsourcing company means avoiding the costs of running your own 24/7 call center facility. You should focus on your brand’s core competencies to bridge the gap between keeping a healthy customer relationship and a competent production.

Moreover, two key factors why businesses outsource are (1) to expand global presence – outsourcing companies can serve customers in multiple languages. This can leverage their presence in multiple countries by keeping the local company’s divisions to a minimum. And (2) to enable flexibility – third-party vendors can handle critical functions for better cover coverage and allocate responsibility.


Review Potential Vendors

Identify your requirements and engage with your potential vendors. In this step, the company must give you the risks, key objectives, and scope for BPO. In this step, you must start to source potential vendors and create a scorecard to determine which stands in your chosen criteria. Also, choosing the right vendor means you must learn to evaluate their proposals. Analyze the changes in your company that will result from collaborating with a third-party vendor. Identify the risks and benefits determined by your potential partners.


Identify the Level of Support the Outsourcing Company Can Provide for You

It is a challenge to find the vendor that works for you, and to make the right decision, you must review the details before hiring an outsourcing company. Most outsourcing providers would provide clients with customer agents. As you search for the right partner who handles your customers, you must identify the end-to-end solutions such as supervision, audit monitoring, and pieces of training.

For an outsourcing company to work effectively with its clients, there has to be a calibration. It might be daily or weekly calibration to ensure that during that incubation phase, there is hand-holding done. Hand holding means the outsourcing company is setting success and scalability for you. It is your job to research which companies can provide your needs in the long run, knowing that most companies often promise you everything.


Get To Know the Implementations Department

Performance monitoring critical for ensuring that your company creates the expected benefits of outsourcing. The implementation department handles the overall expectation of the program. There might be a change of direction to ensure that the outsourcing venture is successful for you if it needs to be. The perfect vendor should assist you in the process, especially in identifying which part of your business you must keep in-house.

Beware of outsourcing companies that would squeeze core processes out of you. Ensure that your business has open communication internally and with the service provider and consistently verify the governance during the life of the contract with your service provider.


Get to Know the Outsourcing Company Through Their Clients

The way to finding the right partner to handle your customers is to do research beforehand, speak for your expectations with your potential vendor, and stick to agreements both parties have decided upon. Its overseas clients trust outsourcing companies in the Philippines for being customer service-centric providers. However, there is no harm in asking other clients how specific outsourcing company delivers regardless of its good reviews.

Ask for accurate track records to ensure consistency and excellence in the long run. This will help you weigh your decisions in finding the right e-commerce customer service company.



The e-commerce industry is developing in a never been seen before peak with an escalating abundance of newcomers, tools, platforms, and innovative ideas. The new height of e-commerce is one reason to outsource fundamental tasks, especially your customer service department, for you, as the retailer, to focus on the market demands and its competition while keeping your customers satisfied. Therefore, choosing a BPO vendor must be done conscientiously and carefully. The collaboration should be done formally and managed regularly.


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