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While COVID-19 becomes a threat to major economies across the globe, the e-commerce industry booms like a rocket ship to the moon.

Many businesses nowadays have converted their physical stores into online stores to meet the current growing demand in online shopping. The online shopping industry or the new digital economy has emerged and the market has become even wider since Amazon.com.

In this article, we’ll help you discover the signs when to outsource your e-commerce customer service, and discuss with you how customer service outsourcing can help boost your online business.


Customer Service Is Fundamental To e-Commerce

In order to thrive in a competitive marketplace, a company must learn from its customers, competitors, lapses, and failures to maintain its status on the market or even exceed it. Any company e-commerce or not never to miss the relevant questions, queries, concerns, and uncertainties from their customers and resolve the issues at the earliest time possible before they can become a problem. That is why excellent customer service support is very important nowadays for any business online and offline.  


Types of e-Commerce Customer Service Support  

There are different types of e-commerce customer service outsourcing services.

#1 Call Center Support 

Call centers reach out through phone customer support. The agents relay the message and mostly solve the problems for both parties and that speaking the native language of your customer fluently is a must. 

#2 Email Support 

Email can be slower compared to other types of customer support but it is considered one of the standards given its reliability and accessibility.

#3 Live Chat Support

In this type, live chat support is done over a site-hosted chat interface. A chat box welcomes the customer-controlled by an AI that stimulates the conversation. One thing that makes live chat support efficient is that the one can automate parts of the chatbot. 

#4 Social Media Support

Social Media is probably the jack of all trades in customer support. Although the speed of service could vary, it is still considered a reliable vehicle for the customer to the producer and vice versa. 

#5 Mobile Support 

Texting is also considered an efficient way to address concerns and questions before purchasing a product. Millennials and Gen-Zs are believed to find this type of most useful and less-hassle out of all types. 


How Customer Service Outsourcing Saves Time and Money 

e-Commerce customer service outsourcing can eliminate a heavy load off your desks. It’s how businesses can accomplish goals most efficiently and productively possible. When a company decides to outsource, it not only saves time, it also gets cost savings like shipping and packaging discounts. 

If one truly thinks about it, companies that cut costs by customer service outsourcing to level up as a whole, they can transfer those savings over to consumers’ concerns that will improve the current lapses and also can prove accessibility to cheaper product prices and shipping charges. That is basic economics – when customers can save money, they’re able to spend more. When other companies receive more revenue from this, they’re able to create more. Truly a win-win situation. 

Outsourcing, in general, saves a lot of business money. As an e-Commerce business, a company can save money by outsourcing accounting, web development, technical support, administration, marketing, and even shipping tasks to third parties. This gives the company both the competitive advantage and opportunity to invest that money on other things, such as benefits for current employees, additional employees, marketing campaigns, and better offices. 


Signs You Should Outsource Customer Service

You’re Behind On Your To-Do-List 

We all know that a business needs to grow and come up with innovative ideas and products to continue flourishing and expanding. But, as more customers flood your e-commerce site, the more stretched your team becomes across departments. The moment customer inquiry gets in the way of the growth of the business, it’s about to ring the bell and consider outsourcing. 

You Need To Be More Competitive

Ecommerce customers crave an on-demand shopping experience. Third-party customer support can network and provide after-hours and weekend customer support, such as answering concerns, shipping, and returns. This will help increase your customer satisfaction, giving your business the edge, it needs. 

Things Aren’t Getting Done

With all the load of work, the important tasks that could make fundamental improvements in the company couldn’t get its chance to be improved and flourished. This is an obvious sign that you need a more hands-on deck. Through customer service outsourcing, lapses are solved and the core values are improved.

You Need To Scale Your Business

Due to the amount of time it takes to reach out to costumers, it is no question that scaling your business can be a lot of trouble. Outsourcing may be the appropriate step to take at this stage. 

Often entrepreneurs just need to hear it – Outsourcing Customer Service is worth the shot. Changing the game plan does not always mean jeopardizing the core values the company has cultivated all these years. Take the path and enjoy the road easily traveled. 

If you’ve had one of those signs mentioned above, perhaps it’s about time to reconsider outsourcing. It will not just only help the company produce more time to focus on growing the business and working towards reaching the long-term goals, it will also give it more time to spend outside your business. So why not outsource now? 


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