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Regardless of what business you operate, managing the phone lines and running it in-house can be costly, especially for small and medium businesses with very few assets and limited resources. With inbound call center solutionshowever, enterprises can outsource their customer service transparently and competitively. There are call center services that provide every service you can think of, while other companies focus on specific areas. To conveniently determine which inbound service works for you, you must first identify which multichannel service your brand needs.

Today, the inbound call center solutions do more than answering the phone; they also respond to emails, accommodate live web chat services, and moderate social media accounts. Below are a few of the significant call center services that provide inbound solutions that stand out from the rest.



TeleDirect brings competitive call center services for small and medium enterprises with its all-around rendering of both inbound and outbound services, including challenging services such as cold calling. TeleDirect services are available 24/7, which means your customers will always have someone to direct their concerns to, even on holidays and weekends. Depending on the services you pay for, you can select the agents who can conduct and manage campaigns or agents that can focus entirely on your business. TeleDirect supports both Spanish and English, and other languages based on your clientele.



XACT offers flexible plans in their extensive services made available for businesses growing in different stages and falling under various industries, making it an excellent option. Solutions include a wide range of answering and call center services. Both outbound and inbound services cover those for help desks, hotlines, customer service, webchat, and email management handled by dedicated agents. Among the answering services open are order taking, appointment setting, message taking, and an available live agent.


Contact Communications

For pay-as-you-go answering services, Contact Communications is the best pick. Its affordable per-minute usage rates make it perfect for small businesses that are still trying to squeeze their budget and those that only wish to outsource a section of their call volume. Contact Communications can keep costs down while offering the best features every business looks for in an answering service. Their services include order taking, tech support, live answering, and FAQs, letting agents perform as a direct link of your business without callers knowing they are engaging with an outsourced service. Contact Communications services start at $19.99 per month; the price depends on your expected monthly call volume and the specific services you need.



Ansafone caters to both outbound and inbound services. With more than five decades of experience, Ansafone can develop a tailored solution that fits your business’s needs. Among the broad range of multichannel services offered are email management support, interactive voice response, live chat, business process outsourcing, social media customer service, client retention, sales, lead qualification, etc. Ansafone offers services from healthcare, government agencies, baking, insurance to education, and e-commerce businesses.


Go Answer

Go Answer provides multiple plans and a wide range of competent services from low to high call volumes. Go Answer is a company that values transparency, posting pricing plans online, which other call center companies don’t do. Another advantage of Go Answer is that there is no monthly invoice minimum or long-term contracts. If your volume increases or decreases from month to month, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan for no extra charges. On top of that, there are no cancellation fees if you decide to close your account. Go Answer is available 24/7, staying true to their claim that their agents are trained to answer every call within its first three rings. Their inbound services include order taking, customer hotline, call answering, and helpdesk services. Go Answer’s minimum monthly cost begins at $99 for 50 minutes.


Call Center Service Costs

There are different pricing models that call centers can employ. Below are the most commonly referred service costs:


Per-minute Rate

There are call center companies that charge a per-minute rate that will base monthly bills on time their agents were connected with their callers. These rates are often charged below than $1 per minute.


Monthly Subscription

A call center company that charges a monthly subscription usually offers a package of minutes covering every inbound service the company can offer.


Tiered Pricing Plans 

Tiered pricing plans ensure clients access to more technical call center features at a higher tier; this is a less common billing system than per-minute rates or monthly subscriptions.



Call center companies maintain billing policies and charge additional fees that could affect your final cost. Other companies charge extra fees for holidays; others charge a set-up fee to activate your account. Before signing up or investing in inbound call center services, arrange a complete breakdown of the call center’s additional cost.
Instead of connecting to a customer service agent, customers use self-service options to solve the issues right then and there. In the following years, customers will increasingly prefer self-service options, making inbound call center services an integral part of a company’s growth.


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