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What clients say…

“Outbounders, is an integral part of our organization’s progress and process. Their professionalism is top-notch, and their willingness to assist in whatever way is unparalleled”

Tamra Jones, General Counsel
GAR Disability Advocates

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What clients say…

“I run a motorcycle company here in California and I hired an agent through Outbounders. They have back end management to help the agent. Everything exceeded my expectations with Outbounders. Everything has been going along smoothly. I highly recommend Outbounders.”

Gary Stark, Owner
StarkLite Motors Company

What clients say…

“Outbounders consistently meets and exceeds our client support needs. They onboard and train the best agents for our business, and their accessibility and open communication make them great to work with. Thank you for your continued service and support.”

Emily Estok, Client
The Economist

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80% of Outsourced Projects Fail, here’s the 20% you could save yours!

  1. Focus on Dedicated Results – Do not depend your results to performance-based agents. Invest on dedicated staff, train them well, give them feedback, set a glide path and you can expect increasingly consistent performance results.

  2. Choose Teamwork that Works – Look at the company’s core values. If it compliments yours, then it would save time to adjust to team’s culture. You can easily align your goals.
  3. Effective Retention Programs – Speak with at least two of the agents you pick at a random, and ask about their experience with the company. Happy and satisfied employees make up high level retention.

  4. Transparency on Quality – Get access to real time team reporting, live calls monitoring, daily call analytics and even agents computer screenshots.

  5. Speed in Hiring –  Unless you really need to start big right away, try to start a campaign with at least 3 agents to experience their Turn Around Time. Once they can handle hiring the small teams systematically, you already have an idea of the whole hiring picture.
  6. Flexible Team Options – Participate in the Final Selection process. Outsourcing has a lot to do with picking your own staff according to your own company standards and qualifications.
  • Outbound

    • Average of 180 to 200 outbound calls a day
    • Unlimited VOIP Credits to US and Canada
    • Long distance calls subject to lowest per minute VOIP costs without mark up
    • 0% drop calls

  • Inbound

    • Meeting AHT requirements
    • Reduced Abandon Rates
    • Highly customer oriented staff
    • 99.8% Uptime
    • In-house Workforce
    • Call Quality Analysis

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  • Web Support

    • Live Operators and Live WebChat
    • Powered by SnapEngage
    • E-mail Handling & Ticketing
    • Easily integrated systems
    • Grammar and customer service oriented staff
    • Easily integrated systems and processes
    • Specialist and Inhouse Workforce



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