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The State of Lead Generation in the Philippines

Lead Generation in the Philippines is a well-known service in the BPO industry. It’s a process that we use to boost our client’s marketing efforts by initiating their customers’ interests and then leading them to a journey that would end up in a purchase. We also use it to find overseas clients who might be interested in outsourcing to the Philippines.

However, it is rare to see local Filipino businesses investing in such a marketing policy. One might think that the reason is that Digital Marketing has not fully emerged in the country. But lead generation is not new. Traditional marketing has been utilizing the same procedure to get a hold of their customer’s interests. Cold calling, flyers, market stalls, and display advertising are some of the lead generation techniques in the past and are still being utilized today.

Now that more communication platforms are developing and digital users keep multiplying, lead generation in the Philippines using online channels becomes a necessary step for businesses. It is a way to ensure that a company or brand does not get left behind in this ever-changing market.

If you’re still planning your lead generation strategies, then you’re in luck. You still have the time to consider these five tips to improve your ideas. If you’ve already launched your lead generation campaigns, don’t worry; a little tweak here and there could increase your marketing efficiency.


lead generation in philippines - online platforms

1. Exhaust Every Online Platform

There are a lot of potential customers circling around online. Each of them has preferences when it comes to the platforms that they use and trust. When they cannot find you on those platforms, it’s a missed opportunity on your part. So make sure that you’ve covered all the bases. Start with Social Media Accounts, as they are free, along with the business tools that come with them. A Facebook page can get you a lot of initial traction. It can also be a portal for lead generation once you’ve automated its chatbot features.

Try listing your businesses on prominent platforms and websites. An example of this is how local businesses in the USA make an effort to put their brands in Angi (formerly Angie’s List). It doesn’t only give their company a platform to increase their reach and advertise. Still, It also gives their company credibility as Angi gives certifications and rewards based on their independent evaluation. It’s the same with online directories and crown-sourced review websites like Yelp. Take the time to create a profile. Likewise, listing your company in Google My Business is a great way to increase your visibility across Google services.



2. Be Creative with your Approach and Content

Organic lead generation will only work if you have individuals in your target market who are willing to give some information about themselves. However, the Philippines is still young when it comes to using digital systems. Most Filipinos don’t understand the encryption protocols and other security measures that the majority of platforms uphold. As a result, the new technology creates reluctance. It is keeping Filipinos from signing up or joining communities. New online policies are also leaning toward pro-self-regulation and privacy. That means it would be more difficult for digital marketers to get more leads. So what is our next best step?

A sure-fire tactic is to be creative with how you move toward your strategy. Research your target market and create engaging, fun, and exciting content that would persuade them to become a lead. Make sure you show them that there is value in return for their information and enthusiasm. Additionally, create a comfortable and safe online environment through better communication practices. One example is by informing them about what you will do with their information and making it clear that you value their privacy—assuring them that you will not be spamming their inboxes and mobile phones is also a good practice.


3. Expand your Medium of Communication

Inbound lead generation produces warmer leads than outbound lead generation practices and could translate to a quick conversion. It has a better rate when it comes to investment returns, so make sure you don’t lose a high-converting customer because of a lack of communication portals. Every business can benefit from creating more ways for their target market to contact them. Understand that not everyone in the Philippines is not online, and your target market may not have the right tools to contact you.



4. Focus on the Customer Journey

The Name on My Coffee Cup | The New YorkerLead management is a very vital part of lead generation. The end goal of an effective lead generation campaign is for potential customers to make a decision, a purchase, or a specific action. So when you try to plan your lead generation strategy, incorporate a customer journey that would lead them to that goal. Customers are now looking at brands with a value that’s more than monetary. This was evident when Starbucks began writing names on its coffee cups, leading to better brand awareness. Now, a lot of coffee shops in the Philippines have followed this practice.

Creating a customer Journey Map is as easy as creating a target market persona and understanding their questions and considerations before making a purchase.



5. Try to Launch Paid Media Campaigns 

Organic inbound leads, from search engine optimization to word-of-mouth, take a lot of time to create results. Launching paid ads on Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media ads will get you new leads fast. It will also increase your brand awareness to a percentage of your target market’s population. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a lot in your budget right now. Online advertising has improved when it comes to giving small businesses a chance to land a space in different advertising platforms.

A lot of companies think that a 2,600 pesos, roughly 50 USD, for online advertising every month is too much money but in fact, an increased in their sales and brand awareness make up for the cost.


Quality Lead Generation Company in the Philippines

Digital Marketing in the Philippines emerged late. As a result, a lot of local companies and industries are not benefiting from it. But its process has been perfected by most business process outsourcing companies. If you are looking to outsource your lead generation process, OBPO.co is one of the best companies for lead generation.